News and Coming Up

The scaffolding at the church now has fencing around the lower section. As a result, it is now not possible to walk round from the front door to the side door.  For those of you who use the side door to gain entry to the church, please reach this door by entering from Grantham Rd.  Entry via the front door, once it has been opened, can only be made by walking up the path from the main road. Parking in the church car park is limited to those who have mobility problems. Once parked, to get to the front door, people will have to either attempt to enter by the side door or walk back into Grantham Rd, then the main road, and come up the front path. This situation will last for 3 to 4 weeks. 

The Leadership Team met on Monday (9th) and discussed the following: Summer Fayre, an event to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day, purchase of new chairs in memory of Maureen Brown, provision of sanitary products in the ladies toilet, children’s and youth work, a memorial to Ocky Roberts, approval of Worship Leaders, Advent Study, Advent Liturgy, the next Preaching Plan, the introit at the start of worship, Methodist Church help with the Bristol Christmas Market and the Methodist Churches Marriage and Relationships Report. The Teams next meeting will be on 11th November.

Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Appeal: We will be taking part again this year and the gift filled boxes will be collected in during our morning service on 10th November. Information leaflets and empty boxes will be available in the foyer from October and I again have a supply of pre-printed boxes at 40p each which do not need to be wrapped. Important note - due to tougher import regulations, sweets and toothpaste will no longer be accepted in the boxes. We sent 98 boxes from KMC last year and it would be wonderful if we could reach 100 this year. A big thank you to everyone who supports this annual appeal. Liz Marks

A key component of the Methodist Church is the Pastoral Visitors system. However, at KMC we lack enough people willing to take on this role – we are losing Visitors and they are not being replaced. If you would like to know more about what is involved please have a word with P. J. or Val Jeanes.

Reminder: A fire safety evening is to be held at KMC at 6:30pm on Monday 14th October. After the presentation people will have an opportunity to arrange a free in-home installation of smoke detectors if they wish.

 The Bristol Methodist Centre has provided a list of donations they would like for harvest. As it is a rather lengthy list, a separate sheet has been produced (which also includes items not wanted). It is appreciated that it might be too much to ask for donations for both the Foodbank and the Methodist Centre. If you need to make a choice please support the Centre.

 A reminder to all users of the ‘dirty kitchen’: a new floor has been laid, please, please, can we all try to keep it clean ie everyone needs to clean up after their use.

 Each year from, 1st September to 4th October, the Christian family celebrates ‘The Season of Creation’. As followers of Christ from around the globe, we share a common role as stewards of God’s creation. We see that our wellbeing is interwoven with its wellbeing. We should rejoice in this opportunity to care for our common home and the sisters and brothers who share it. This year, the theme for the season is biodiversity, God’s web of life. During the season we are invited to consider the unique value of each creature in God’s wondrously complex web of life.

The New Room Film Club will continue in the new Methodist year with showings on 11th October and 8th November.


The purpose of Kingswood Methodist Church is to respond to God's Love in Christ and to live out that love in God's world.